OUR VISION is to position happiness as the source of sustainable professional success.

OUR MISSION is to create awareness and empower individuals to spread the vision. To pursue our mission we rely on 5 pillars

Since 2016, we’ve implemented #HappyMondays across Australia, France, Germany, Singapore & Spain.

OUR STORY isn’t the usual one. Vitae was born thanks to:

The simple dream of creating a happy world. The firm belief that happiness is the source of success. The years in recruitment. The endless conversations with opposite and like-minded professionals. The guide from great coaches and mentors. Thanks to the continuous energy and determination, and most importantly, thanks to the unconditional support from loved ones.

The engine of Vitae

Sandra is originally from a charming little town in Spain. She studied a degree in business management, a master degree in strategy management and coaching.
Sandra worked several years for top international recruitment firms across Europe and Asia. During that time, she got awarded as a top consultant. She billed close to $800,000 for her company and launched and positioned her new recruitment team as a top performer in less than a year.
In 2015 Sandra took a career break to find her way to #HappyMondays. She combined her passion for career advising, with her experience in headhunting and the knowledge acquired from great coaches, mentors, and trainers to launch Vitae Advisor in 2016.
Her clients describe her as a career hacker & a realistic – optimistic. Her family and friends as the happiest and most passionate career strategist.