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Clients Landed into their Happy Job


Happy Jobs Landed < 3 months

The source of our success is our intention and methodology.

We focus solely landing jobs that align with your vision, values, and inner talents. To do so, we apply the following methodology:


Step 1


Identify best career paths & define your Happy Job
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1. Career Assessment
2. Self-Discovery Matrix Design
3. Definition of the Happy Job
4, Creation of the Action Plan
Expect 4 sessions of 60 to 90 min each

Step 2


Build a killer personal branding
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1. Definition of Unique Selling Points
2. Transferable Skills Identification
3. CV Building
4. Build and position LinkedIn
Expect 3 sessions of 60 to 90 min each

Step 3


Techniques & connections to access 80% more jobs
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1. Effective Job Searching Techniques
2. Networking Mastery
Expect 2 sessions of 60 to 90 min each

Step 4


Techniques to insure best conditions
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1. Interview Preparation
2. Salary Negotiation
3. Offer Management
Expect 3 sessions of 60 to 90 min each

What our clients say

I couldn’t recommend Sandra highly enough! She helped me creating a CV that brings out my achievements and qualities in a snappy way. On top of this, her interview preparation boosted my confidence and helped me engage better with interviewers. At times, I wanted to give up but Sandra helped me to keep going and encouraged me to try again, this all, with a smile on her face. The skills I have learned from her make me take a different approach to job searching. If I need any further help, I know who to go to”
Martin — Operations Manager in Oil&Gas

“Not only is Sandra a self-motivated individual, she is highly value-driven. These are exactly the qualities I was looking for in a coach. For starters, Sandra has immense experience and knowledge in her field. She is very agile and has the perfect attitude towards her clients. I had been on a longer-than-usual maternity break and had started to feel the cloudiness in my professional life. Sandra’s coaching program helped me in getting my perspectives in place and brought all the confidence back
Bharti — Supply Chain Professional

I never knew how powerful a coach can be until I met Sandra! Sandra’s magical ability to catch hold of the key points and deciphering the “hidden” wants that are not written in the job description really gave me much more confidence in tackling the job interview. Apart from that, Sandra also helped me redesigning my resume and it is so much more professional yet with less clutter! Thanks, Sandra and I am sure you be able to help anyone to achieve their dream job and career
Victor — Logistics Manager

We can’t wait to help you land your Happy Job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?
Will you find me a job?
Sorry, no. This is not our role. We believe in masterful facilitation. We strive to provide you with the clarity, tools, connections and skills to help you land your Happy Job. Last year 97% of our clients landed their Happy Job in less than 3 months. Working with us is an excellent investment only if you’re willing to put in the hard work to get the big results. In fact, we won’t let you hire us if I sense you are not fully committed. It’s all in the name of service! 🙂
Are you like a head-hunter?
Well, no. Head-hunters work for companies, we work for you. Our aim is to help you land your Happy Job and ensure you enjoy #HappyMondays throughout your career. That’s what we aim for, and that’s what you get. Your happiness is our drive; your success defines ours.
Do you work with certain industries or backgrounds only?
The skills and tools we teach are genders, age, discipline, and industry-neutral. In the same week, we’ve coached Marketing Managers, Technology Vice Presidents, Junior Consultants and engineers. We love diversity. It keeps things interesting. To be honest, it’s all about our chemistry and the goal you’re looking to reach. We always go into consultations with the mind-set that we are making sure the fit is right. If it’s not, we will be proactive about recommending someone else if we can!
Do you work with clients who live outside Singapore?
Yes! Our clientele is spread across the globe. Thanks to new technologies, you can enjoy #HappyMondays even overseas. For instance, 25% of our one to one clients in 2016 weren’t based in Singapore.
What’s a happy job?
A Happy Job is the job that strengthens your inner talents within a company where your vision, values, and priorities are aligned. This is the best way we know to long lasting career success & #HappyMondays. A Happy Job…
What are the free seminars?
We occasionally host live FREE seminars in Singapore where we share clarity and job hunting tips and an introduction to the #HappyMondays Program at the end. Tune into an upcoming session to learn about the program and make sure it’s the best match for you. You can also get to know us through our regular workshops. It’s a great option to connect with alike professionals and get a taste of how we work. Learn more